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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monkey Design

Hey guys.. Sub needed my help posting these and I guess you guys needed it...

Blogger needed me to update your blog with a google account so I had to use mine in order to post - I'll fix this soon - sorry guys!

Sub will post the cleanup and turnaround later.

Friday, February 23, 2007

feb 23 2007 DQ meeting notes

Monday, February 12, 2007

Almost near reading week..

I dunno how many of you still check this blog, but it seems our group process has fallen off the radar of things to do for a few of us. From here on we are supposed to be heading into production, but we're a little behind on things.

Starting this week (week 6) we need to work extra hard and catch up so we can head into production.

Vlad, Cliff, and Gord : continue to refine the reel, you have until the end of this week to picture lock at least HALF the reel so the rest of us can go into production.

Toby, Jen, Katie, Sub, Bon : responsible for putting together the final workbook for the end of this week. Please check the design list on the wall and sign up for your design choice. I'd like to be able to color a few things if we have time.

Basically, by the end of WEEK 6 we should be ready to head into production. Please do your best to get our group back on track. As you guys know reading week is the week after next, and it's probably in our best interest to keep production going, regardless of where we may be. (I'm talking layout, coloring...etc things we can do with a bit of spare time during our break.)

Suggested meeting times:

Tuesday @ 4pm for both teams to check up on each other, comment on anything that has been done.

Thursday @ 6pm Leica team should be getting ready to picture lock some things. Design team should have all designs cleaned up and ready to be put into workbook.

Each team should meet together regularly throughout the week to make sure all work has been accounted for and completed on time.

Good Luck!