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Friday, November 24, 2006

The Story - THE FINAL VERSION (on DQ's authority)

Okay, so now we have a new model of how the old story can work. No volcano, and the characters stay together... in fact they are trapped together on a little tiny island.
No explanations, the story picks up with fireworks coming from an island, and a star falls down (seemingly alone at first) and panics.

Here is the Arc of the story (click to enlarge)

- A possible running gag for the story is having the star with a prominent posterior, which is constantly being burned by matches, fireworks, and what have you

- The star makes the connection that the fireworks got him up there, while yelling at the monkey "Listen you stupid primate! This went up there and... it went up there! Quick! Light it!" at which point he can stick out his butt and the firework tucked under his arm, and the monkey lights his butt

- The mega rocket can be handled easily as a 3D component, using a MEL script in Maya

- The losing glow can be handled as a penis joke, if it's a close cut and he looks down and says "Oh NO! I'm losing my twinkle!"

- We can have a NASA joke where the final mega rocket has components that detach, and also it takes a long time to gather momentum

- The moon could fall with the rocket stuck in his eye WITH the end frizzled and curled (like a gag cigar)

So that's basically it. I think it works, we just need to board it out and figure out the particulars, as well as decide a thing or two. If we can think of a creative alternative to the fireworks for getting the star up there, then we can add more of a twist. But personally, I don't see an option on such a tiny vacant island. This is why I like the idea that he has to catch the rocket, to add tension back to that moment. But we'll discuss it.




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