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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2 Ways to Sing the Blues

Okay guys, we're now down to the final boarding. Version 1 and version 2 need to be boarded out, making the performance and general flow of the story clear enough to make a final decision. I will now post a basic analysis of both premises. Remember that problems will turn up, so new ideas can be introduced to make stories work as long as the subject stays the same - but beware of getting lost in explanations.

Version 1: The Monkey Doesn't Know He Did It

1. A monkey on an island playing with fireworks knocks down a star.
2. He doesn’t see the star fall and upon meeting thinks it is a starfish (gags)
3. He shows it a firework “man you should see this, it’s soooo neat”, but the star isn’t interested, he is panicked and just wants to get home.
4. He runs up the volcano in panic (asks for help from his brothers = joke)
5. He decides that if he can’t get home, he doesn’t want to live, so he tries to kill himself by jumping into volcano.
6. It doesn’t work, and the volcano boils over, sending him down a lavaflow to the beach among the other starfish who squirm away from this 'scary intruder'.
7. He accepts his fate until he hears the fireworks exploding.
8. He runs over to the monkey who exclaims “see? I told you these were gnarly, man!”
9. The star freaks out and causes a massive detonation which sends him back home
10. The monkey carries on and knocks down the moon, which he shows a firework, but the moon isn’t interested…

Version 2: The Monkey Does Know He Did It

1. A mischievous yet cautious monkey (who knows he is up to no good –> character conflict: wants to, but knows he shouldn’t) playing with fireworks on an island knocks down a star
2. Monkey watches as star falls down right in front of him on the beach
3. Star is panicked and is looking to find a way back home, monkey feels guilty and tries to hide fireworks crate from curious star, but crate bursts open
4. Star gasps, realizing he can use the fireworks to get home… but he doesn’t actually know what they really are or how they work and he tries to construct them together to get back up – (Builds Space Shuttle “I saw this on the moon once.”)
5. He gives up and becomes depressed as he goes on saying things to increase monkey’s guilt (i.e. “somebody sure was being irresponsible” “who do you think could have done a thing like that?” “Etc.”)
6. Monkey feels extremely guilty (performance of expression) and finally blurts out a confession (verbal or pantomime)
7. Star gets really angry and climbs on top of the fireworks pile from collapsed construction and detonates them all from the flames of his anger (star=sun=fire=boom), creating a huge explosion that turns him into a shooting star
8. Explosion leaves one last firework, and the monkey can’t help but send it off, knocking down the moon.

Please remember that our group hasn't 'split', but rather we are all doubling our efforts in a genuine attempt to make both of these stories "work". Generate as many ideas as you can for both, and draw them out in as much detail as you can (detail = particulars, not line quality). Tuesday we choose!

We can do this!



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