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Friday, November 24, 2006

Story Thumbs

Hey folks, First pass of boards have been completed (not just by me, but mine are the only ones I have here), so now we can begin a performance pass. DQ suggests that the story is there, and it will come out of the boards we make focusing on character and that character's performance. The goal for the weekend is to board as many scenes and as many possibilities as you can see for the character to behave and act in the scenes: make it funny.

Here's the boards to refer to, sorry about the messed up read-order. Oh, and we changed the end so that you're left to wonder for a second if he made it to the rocket in time. Also that he lights the wick with it in his hand, then realizes he's glowing - at the moment he should really be realizing the wick is burning.

Notes from the meeting:
-Panic is central theme of story, needs to be established strong in beginning, and continue right up until he loses his glow... then silence. Picks up again when he's running to catch rocket.
-When he's yelling at the monkey after losing his glow, his monologue needs to embellish what the problem is, and why it's so bad
-Seeing his silhouette in the flames of the rocket taking him home can be funny
-The island is scorched from the big rocket, leaving one palm tree standing (to be knocked over at the end by the moon)
-The rocket breaks apart in space, as he's hanging on for dear life, and trying to pull his way up to the top (to build tension), then rocket can split into two directions (big one goes left towards moon, little one takes him back to where he came from on the right)
-At the beginning he may be faint, so at the end when he's the brightest star it is significant, if we want to work that idea in.



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